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The backbone of the CGMR is a team of volunteers who manage the association, digitise archive documents, transcribe them for ease of reading and most important make them available in database form for your perusal. Come and join us.


This website and all the accompanying  services are brought to you free of charge. The CGMR Team and the Volunteers have enabled the magic. Feel free to join the effort to make it better everyday.

Welcome to the Cercle de Généalogie Maurice- Rodrigues website The One and Only Mauritian Genealogy Association Registrar of Associations No.11726

Our Databases

Our Databases Our databases are constantly being updated and many lines of data have been added to our databases so far. You may follow the work of our volunteers on our Facebook page.

Join the CGMR Experience

Join the CGMR Experience Follow the instructions in the join us page. You may join as a fully fledged member, a supporting member or volunteer. To join:

Resources for your research

Resources for your research Resources for your research can be found under the topic RESEARCH of the EXPERTISE menu.

For Dummies

 For Dummies Instructions to collect data, build and publish your family story.

Our Online Database

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Our online database
Our online database contains much genealogical information that you may need for your research. If you do not find what you are looking for, join Imaugen to obtain help from our members and from the offline database.

Cemeteries of Mauritius

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Cemeteries of Mauritius
An important section of this site is devoted to cemeteries. Useful information can be gathered on tombstones to further one's research. Some cemetery data is also available from our online database.

Our Forum Imaugen

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Imaugen Forum
Imaugen is our support forum where you can exchange information with other members. You are also invited to send your queries for the CGMR offline database via IMAUGEN.

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Republic of Mauritius.



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