The Committee

  • Marie-France CHELIN-GOBLET (Biography editing)
  • Patrick FERRAT (Historical introduction)
  • Gérard de FONTENAY (editing deceased list)
  • Henri MEDAN (statistics editing and website)
  • Bernard MAURICE (Tomb architecture and cemetery history)

Helping Hands

People who have helped us establish graves records, writing the book, looking for sponsors, etc ...are listed below. We express our profound gratitude to all of them.

  • Jean BROUARD
  • Marina CARTER
  • Pierre CLAITE
  • Raymond GOVART
  • Prisyl HARTER
  • Sylvain KHOODOO
  • Philippe LAHAUSSE de la LOUVIÈRE
  • François de MAROUSSEM
  • Andrew Mc INTYRE
  • Monique TYACK

Nice and useful sites

histoire genealogie France genweb

Memoire des hommes

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