The island of Rodrigues has been a constituency of Mauritius before the latter obtained its independence in 1968. When Mauritius gained its independence in 1968, Rodrigues remained part of the Mauritian territory. Two members of the Mauritius National Assembly are returned at each legislative assembly election of Mauritius.

Rodrigues assembly
As such, Rodrigues has always been economically dependent on Mauritius. However, on November 20, 2001, the Mauritius National Assembly unanimously adopted two laws giving Rodrigues some form of autonomy in the way of a decentralised government system. This new piece of legislation brought about the implementation of the Rodrigues Regional Assembly constituted of 18 members and an executive council headed by a Chief Commissioner. The council meets every week to make decisions, draws up local regulations for the island and manages the budget allocated by the Central government in Mauritius. The main function of the Chief Commissioner is to inform the Mauritian Prime Minister of the island’s management and the concerns of the inhabitants. The last election of the Rodrigues Regional Assembly was held on 5 February 2012, won by The Organisation du Peuple de Rodrigues (OPR) party obtaining eleven seats, while the Mouvement Rodriguais (MR) obtained 8 and Front Patriotique Rodriguais (FPR) 2 seats. The actual chief commissioner is Louis Serge Clair and the Chief Executive of Rodrigues is Pritam Singh Mattan.

Port MathurinDuring the last few years, the Government of the Republic of Mauritius has invested massively to improve communications, health services, entrepreneurship, education, internet connectivity, agriculture and electricity as well as water supply in Rodrigues to catch up with the low level of development that had always prevailed there.

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