Researching your family

Now that you have gathered a lot of information about your family, you need to confim verbally obtained data.
Before we proceed further, it is important that you give yourself means to organise and store your information.
The free software GENEAGEST helps facilitate compilation and follow up of your research. It has been developed by an amateur genealogist for amateur genealogists.
 It allows the storage of information concerning a couple for a start and gradually add children, parents, etc. to ultimately constitute a fairly complex family tree. It also provides the facility for referencing all document sources regarding each individual.
But, you may use other means and software. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the better you organise your data, the easier it will be for you to organise your research.
Organising your research

You will surely have first hand information on your parents and grandparents. Now, you also need to find out about your great-grand-parents which, is less obvious. You need to get hold of their birth , marriage  and death certificates if they are no longer alive.

Nice and useful sites

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Memoire des hommes

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