Registres d'État Civil

Registers of Vital Statistics

The civil status registers BMS (After 1792) have occurred since the fall of the “Ancien Regime” until today. They contain information on births, marriages and deaths.

The first register in the French Colonisation Period is the BMS register for Port-Louis KA1 (17-05-1721 to 08-11-1729) Most of the parish registers as well as indexes are available at the Mauritius Archives.

The English Colonisation Period starts in 1810 and ends in 1968. The first part of the records consist of manuscript registers ranging from 1810-1860 and second part is formed by the registers for the period 1861-1961. Only indexes are available at teh Mauritius Archives. For act extracts, you need to apply to the civil status office.

Indexes for the Post Independence Period are not available at the Mauritius Archives.

The Birth Certificate

A birth certificate shows:

  • The time of writing the document, which must be made within three days after birth;
  • The given name of the child's name, sex, location, date and hour of birth;
  • The name of the registrant, usually the father;
  • The names and ages of the father and mother, dates and places of birth, profession, place of residence and marital status;
  • The names of witnesses to the act, their place of living and possibly their relationship with parents.
  •  Some marginal entries may be listed, but not necessarily, a birth certificate:
  • The adoption of the person or recognition by the father;
  • His marriage;
  • His divorce;
  • Death.

To find a birth certificate, one must know the date and place of birth.

The Act of Civil Marriage

Since 1792, civil marriage is solemnized by a Civil Status officer and in some religions is a prerequisite for religious marriage. To find an act of civil marriage, one must know the place and date of its establishment.
 An act of civil marriage tells:

  • The place, date and time of the celebration;
  • Names and names of spouses;
  • Dates and birthplaces of spouses, and they are major or minor;
  • The place of living and occupations of the spouses;
  • The previous marital status of spouses (widowed or divorced), with the name, given names, occupation and residence of the previous spouses, place of death or date of divorce;
  • Names and names of parents, spouses, marital status, occupation, place of living and possibly the date and place of death of the parent;
  • Possibly the consent of fathers, mothers and guardians and the reference to the emancipation of the spouse when the latter are minors;
  • References to the marriage contract, if there is one, must necessarily be mentioned since 1850: the name of the notary, the place of study and date of the marriage contract;
  • Names and names of four witnesses, their occupations, place of living, and their possible relationship to the spouses;
  • The possible legitimating of a child born before the civil marriage, date and place of birth.

To find an act of civil marriage, one must know the place and date of its establishment.

The Death Certificate

The death certificate is issued by an officer of civil status on the declaration of a member of the family of the deceased or another close person.
A death certificate states:
If an original document or legal transcription;

  • Date, time and place of death;
  • Name, surname and age of the deceased;
  • His date of birth and place of birth;
  • His profession, domicile and marital status;
  • Names and names of parents and any indication of their deaths;
  • Name, first name, age and profession of the registrant and its possible relationship;
  • Name, first name, age and occupation of witnesses;
  • The time of writing the note.

It is essential to know the place and date of death to be able to find the death certificate.

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